Why do we still use plastic for our packaging at Lindsey Lodge Farm?

  • The contents are protected from damage and contamination

  • The customer can see clearly what is inside the container

  • The punnets and pots are made from recycled plastic  and can themselves be re-cycled

  • Most of our produce is sold in Suffolk where we have a very efficient  re-cycling facility at Great Blakenham

  • There is a big demand for re-cycled plastic which significantly reduces the need for new materials in manufacturing

  • There is not a suitable alternative available which can satisfy all the environmental demands

  • Last year we trialled punnets made from ‘bagasse’. This is the waste product from sugar cane processing. Our objection is that the bagasse is used as a fuel for heat and power generation in its country of origin and if we take it, fossil fuel  would be used in its place.


Our conclusion is that in Suffolk re-cyclable plastic is not a problem so long as it is properly disposed of and then re-used.

Suffolk Fresh 2018