2022 Suffolk Carbon Charter  - GOLD (003).jpg

We are proud to have been awarded the Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold accreditation.

We do believe that there is now, on this planet, a climate emergency. The carbon footprint of our business activities is balanced both by the mature and increasing number of developing trees around the farm, by the large areas of grassland under our strawberry tabletops and by uncultivated wide field margins.

We have been recording and assessing the impact of our farming activities on  the environment for 13 years. This enables us to better understand our system and become much more efficient at what we do.

  • We have a 22Kwh solar panel array to provide power for our farming activities

  • We use a ground sourced heat system for our holiday let and barn conversion

  • We calculate the quantity of water required to produce one tonne of strawberries 

  • We record the fuel used for our deliveries

  • We calculate the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium required to produce one tonne of strawberries as well as the carbon emitted in their production.

  • We manage and enhance the natural environment: conservation areas feed birds over the winter and butterflies and bees during the summer; trees and hedges are managed carefully; a new hedge has been planted and many self sown trees are allowed to develop. 

        .............and much more!